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All-In-One Agent Tool

Real Estate Mentor is all-in-one mobile app designed by real estate agents for real estate agents, to help you achieve your real estate goals. Recent studies show that 87% of real estate agents fail within their first five years. We know that the systems you use will determine the type of agent you become. Our goal is simple; to make every agent successful. By providing powerful lead generation tools and an incredible task management system, Real Estate Mentor has everything you need to become “Unstoppable”!


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Invest in yourself

Designed by Real Estate Professionals, for Real Estate Professionals

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Task Management System

  • Daily tasks reminders 

  • Pipeline tracker with deadline alarms

  • Contact log with rapid notes recall

  • SOI follow-up alarms and reminders

  • Proven effective lead generation activities

  • Schedule alerts, reminders and alarms as push notifications

REM was designed as a mobile application to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Please download onto your mobile device for the best user experience.

Agent Testimonials

“Real Estate Mentor® is just what I’ve needed to keep myself on my Real Estate A-game in so many aspects. I love the badges, they are probably one of my favorite things about the app because it really helps keep me accountable for my day to day lead generation. Also - I am a huge list person, so the ability to list out my tasks in one spot and check them off as I complete them is a huge plus.”



Real Estate Agent (TX)

“I love the Real Estate Mentor®! I find the training videos very helpful, my favorite feature is the resource library of videos, books, podcasts and blogs. It's great to have one central location for these, otherwise I have them written on post it notes and a multitude of notes in folders and never remember where to go back and look for them. The app solves that problem wonderfully. I look forward to using the call log and pipeline more as my business grows, it will be a great resource to help me stay organized.”



Real Estate Agent (TX)

Network Engagement is Lead Generation

As a successful real estate agent, lead generating to your sphere of influence is the most important of your day. Peak producers are “Network Engagement” machines! By focusing at least two hours a day on proven lead generation activities directed towards your existing network, you can be well on your way to becoming a top agent.

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Learn How REM Works!


Experience Customer Support

Our dedicated staff of REM experts are ready to help you! Feel free to reach out to us by phone or email:


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