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Network Engagement


As a real estate agent our number one job is to attract business and to remain top of mind with the people in our world.

We call this method Network Engagement.

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network engagement


net·work en·​gage·​ment   |  net-ˌwərk in-ˈgāj-mənt

Definition of Network Engagement

  1. Network Engagement is what we do to generate business and referrals. It’s a call to action and revolves around implementing systems that consistently engage with the people in our world. The primary goal, to keep top of mind with all of the people in our network.

  2. It is the bridge between the old school “lead generation” and “sphere of influence.”

  3. Network Engagement is a full-on strategy designed to build a thriving client base that runs on referrals and repeat business.

As a successful real estate agent, lead generating to your sphere of influence is the most important of your day. Peak producers are “Network Engagement” machines! By focusing at least two hours a day on proven lead generation activities directed towards your existing network, you can be well on your way to becoming a top agent.



While everyone exercises influence, the size and strength of our influence depends upon our effort. No one leads well without paying the price of discipline. As we push ourselves to grow and to learn, we enlarge our sphere of influence.

- John C. Maxwell

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1. Handwritten notes

This is number one on our list of Network Engagement activities for good reason. It is hands down the most effective ways to engage with your network and the impact is lasting. Very few things say “you are important to me” like a well-written, handwritten note.


2. Phone calls

Contacting people in your network on a consistent basis is the key to building lasting relationships. Long-term relationships are built in part by showing true interest and concern for the people in your network.


3. Text messages

In the very busy world in which we live, studies suggest that most people prefer a text message to an actual phone call. Be mindful that “empathy” does not convey well in a text and empathy is our best negotiating tool. Do not mass/group text; it actually has a negative impact.


4. Video text message

Video is here to stay and is growing as a personal and preferred method of communication. Avoid sending video text to more than one person at a time as group messages. The exception to this might be a couple in which you use both of their names.


5. Face-to-face videos

Face-to-face live videos using services like Zoom and Facetime can be very effective methods of communication. Every face-to-face meeting is a reminder that you care, that you are a professional, and that you are here to help in any way possible.


6. Social media posts

Social media posts to your social media accounts are essential. Check the best times to post in your area on your preferred social media. Be consistent and professional. When sharing articles and information, write a couple of sentences as a brief summary or your opinion. Be positive and avoid controversial topics.


7. Social media business posts

Post daily to your social media business accounts, preferably two to three times per day. This is an effective way to stay visible to your network as a real estate expert. Social media business posts can be a great way to demonstrate your expertise in a specific market area or neighborhood.


8. Social media “network” engagements

It’s important to remain visible to your entire network. By showing genuine interest in their lives and stories you remain visible in a way that is not intrusive, sales-y, or manipulative. Avoid just hitting the “like” button. Comment when possible and engage your network. Remaining top of mind is the key.


9. Personal client gifts

Trust and lasting relationships are built over time by showing consistent care, concern, empathy, and interest in the other person. By being a positive presence in both the best and the worst times in life, we can demonstrate all of the above. Flowers and gifts for events such as funerals, memorials, new babies, high school graduations, new jobs, retirements, birthdays, and holidays


10. Charitable donation

Showing up and giving openly can be great ways to stay in front of your network while truly living a better life. Giving back is why we do what we do. By openly supporting charities and causes that are important to your network, you demonstrate that you care about the same things that they care about.


Network Engagement


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