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Having entered the world of real estate in 2008, Debbie and her son Colt in 2013, they both know all too well the frustrations and challenges faced by real estate agents every single day. They also know that success doesn't occur by accident. Frustrated by the lack of easy-to-use, practical technology tools and systems available to real estate agents, they decided it was time to create a different type of Agent technology. Determined to create a system that was Agent friendly in every sense of the word. They began by focusing on "Network Engagement" activities and in doing so, REM makes effective lead generation fun and easy to track. Focusing on the right activities and directing those activities towards the right people is a proven method of success and has led Colt and Debbie to hundreds of millions in sales.

Colt Remington and Debbie Remington


We would design from an agent perspective easy to navigate, mobile technology that would make the job of being a real estate agent just a little bit easier. We would incorporate lead generation activities, task management tools and learning resources. We would create an affordable, easy to navigate mobile app specifically for real estate agents. We would design, build and launch Real Estate Mentor and we would make it available to every agent.


what were our greatest challenges as top producing agents?


We understood that as successful agents, time has always been our most valuable resource. We knew what it felt like to have a client or customer call and trying to try to recall the contents of your last conversation, weeks or months later. We knew how challenging it could be to track a pipeline of active buyers and sellers while juggling every other aspect of the job. We understand the need for reminders and alerts to help with day-to-day tasks and we knew that adding steps to any task would only further complicated our lives. We believed that a truly great CRM would simply link with our mobile devices and eliminate need to continuously update a contact list.



We hope you enjoy the benefits and the growth it’s designed to create.

Real Estate Mentor is here and we hope you enjoy the benefits and the growth it’s designed to create. Designed by real estate professionals, for real estate professionals. The only one of is kind, all-in-one mobile real estate solution. Whether it’s the incredible CRM features such as; daily tasks reminders, pipeline deadline alarms or the lead generation tools found in Network Engagement, REM is about leveraging every valuable minute of every day in order to help you live your best life.  


Meet the REM Team


Debbie Remington

Inventor and Founder

Debbie entered the world of real estate during the height of the housing crisis of 2008. After retiring from a career in public safety, she spent 5 years as a top selling agent in a large brokerage. As the owner and Broker of a growing real estate brokerage, Debbie has made it her life's work to raise the bar by training and mentoring agents to perform and sell at their highest possible level. She believes that well trained, service driven professionals with the right tools and resources are the future of real estate. 


Colt Remington

Inventor and Founder

Prior to embarking on a career in real estate, Colt Remington spent many years in service to both his community and his country. As a top selling real estate professional, husband and Father of three, Colt understands that time is his most valuable commodity. His "Network Engagement" approach to client relationships has propelled him to a consistent referral based, six figure sales income. He enjoys training and mentoring new agents and believes that having the best systems and technology in place is the key to maximizing time and focus. 


Chambley Remington

Brand Ambassador & UI/UX Designer for App

As a graphic designer and the marketing director for a growing real estate company, Chambley knows all too well how important branding and technology can be in the real estate world. She not only created the artwork and design for Real Estate Mentor but, she also serves as a marketing resource in REM training videos. Having been married to a top selling real estate agent for many years, Chambley understands all too well the challenges faced by successful real estate professionals. Her creative approach and dedication to agent friendly technology were invaluable in the creation of Real Estate Mentor®.

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