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WHAT IS My ReMentor App (REM)?



a simple, yet powerful

designed with YOU in mind


As successful real estate professionals, becoming the agent you want to be can be challenging. We see too many agents struggling to “figure it out” during their first critical year in real estate. "ReMentor" was designed as the all-in-one mobile solution to help you reach your real estate goals. Success is about choosing the right tools and the right systems to implement the right vision.

  • The first and only all-in-one real estate system of it's kind

  • Designed to "link" your contacts every time you login

  • Your sphere of influence is always easily accessible and ready to fully engage

As real estate professionals, we know how important security and client confidentiality are to you and your clients. Which is why REM doesn’t store or sell your information. Your contacts are yours and yours alone.

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Task Management System



Daily Tasks Management

Designed for ease of use and an "at a glance" overview of everything that you need to accomplish.

Training Resources

Powerful learning resources designed to keep users focused, motivated and always growing as agents and entrepreneurs.

Pipeline Tracker & Call Log w/ Notes

Receive daily push alerts for important deadlines and calendar reminders. 

Network Engagement Activities

Designed to keep your focus and attention on the things that matter.


Why you need My ReMentor App?

Ensure that deadlines aren't missed

Easily manage your pipeline and transactions

Stay top of mind within your sphere of influence

Become the agent you always wanted to be!

Live your best life!

Invest in yourself with the BEST job tool for Real Agents!

Achieve your Real Estate Goals!


Network engagement activities are proven lead generation strategies designed to keep you top of mind with your very important network.  By completing the specific number of weekly activities needed to earn the activity badges, users are able to advance to higher agent levels within Network Engagement.

Making lead generation challenging, fun and rewarding.



Newbie Agent

All users begin each weekly cycle as a Newbie Agent and all have the opportunity and the challenge of working their way towards becoming an Entrepreneur.



Aspiring Agent

If someone is trying to be successful, they are seen as aspiring. Upon winning five activity badges during a 7 day cycle, the user will promote to the new rank of Aspiring Agent. 



Successful Agent

Successful Agents fully embrace network engagement activities and strive to build a lasting business that runs on referrals.In order to achieve the ranking of Successful Agent the user must earn 10 activity badges in a 7 day cycle.



Legit Agent

A Legit Agent is a lead generating machine and well on their way to becoming an Entrepreneur. In order to achieve the prized ranking of Legit Agent, a user must earn 15 activity badges in a 7 day cycle. 




In order to achieve this ranking, the user must be fearless, innovative, hardworking, determined, driven and most of all focused. A total of 20 activity badges must be earned in a 7 day cycle to achieve this, the highest ranking in Network Engagement. 

Key Screens


Main Page

Designed for ease of use and an "at a glance" overview of level achieved, badges earned and an easily editable daily tasks list.


Network Engagement

Lead generation is now fun and rewarding. By completing the required number of activities during a 7 day cycle, the agent is able to earn badges and achieve higher Agent levels.


Pipeline Entry

Pipeline tracker and call log serve the busy real estate professional by allowing call log notes and transaction process updates. Receive daily push alerts for important deadlines and calendar reminders. 


Training Features

Powerful resources designed to keep users focused on the most important attributes of every successful real estate agent.

Agent Testimonials

“ReMentor is just what I’ve needed to keep myself on my Real Estate A-game in so many aspects. I love the badges, they are probably one of my favorite things about the app because it really helps keep me accountable for my day to day lead generation. Also - I am a huge list person, so the ability to list out my tasks in one spot and check them off as I complete them is a huge plus.”



Real Estate Agent (TX)

“I love the ReMentor App! I find the training videos very helpful, my favorite feature is the resource library of videos, books, podcasts and blogs. It's great to have one central location for these, otherwise I have them written on post it notes and a multitude of notes in folders and never remember where to go back and look for them. The app solves that problem wonderfully. I look forward to using the call log and pipeline more as my business grows, it will be a great resource to help me stay organized.”



Real Estate Agent (TX)


REM is available ONLY to Remington Team Realty, LLC. Team Members

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